Welcome to K Detailing, Inc.

We are structural and miscellaneous steel detailers.


Our company has extensive experience in detailing structural, miscellaneous and architectural steel for the construction industry. For over twenty-five years, we have been providing our customers with quality shop drawings (all of which meet AISC standards).

Our objective is to incorporate the latest steel detailing software, including but not limited to AutoCAD, SDS/2, and traditional prepared shop drawings furnished by hand, to provide our clients with a quality product and service that will continuously exceed their expectation. This method allows us to create comprehensible shop drawings in a limited time period.

Our professional staff is comprised of ten drafting persons, with the combined  knowledge and experience that  exceeds over 100 years.        K Detailing, Inc. is keeping pace with the demand for highly specialized detailed design by promoting technical excellence through the skills and experience of our qualified personnel. Each employee is trained on the most progressive software, which is able to integrate with an automatic fabrication system. Personally, I have more than thirty-five years of experience in this field.

We at K Detailing, Inc. understand that your final product is only as good as ours. We use our education, vast experiences, and specialized tools to provide you with the most accurate and highest quality shop drawings possible.


Isak Karasik

Founder & President